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The secure pages you are about to enter are sponsored by Decorama Blinds Pty Ltd, Tamworth. While Decorama may not be know by Mr Microsoft, we have over 69 years of trusted business history in Australia
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Questions & Answers
The information you enter is 'secure, encrypted'. What does this mean?
When you enter your credit card and other personal details they are automatically coded (scrambled with 256 bit encryption). The data can only be decoded when it arrives at our secure server.
How do I know a page is secure and encrypted?
When you open a secure, encrypted page you will see a locked padlock icon appear on the toolbar in your web browser window (Explorer and Netscape). This confirms that the page is secure. If you right click your mouse on the padlock icon you will see 'ssl 128 bit'. This confirms that the system we use is 'ssl' which means 'secure socket layer'. If you left click with your mouse on the padlock icon you will see our ssl certificate details.
Also, if you look at the web page address in your browser when you click through to a secure order form, you will see it begins https:// - not http://. The 's' indicates that the ssl protocol is enabled.
How safe are my details with Decorama Blinds Pty Ltd?
As soon as we decode your order form from the secure, encrypted area of the Decorama Blinds Network web host, your electronic order form is deleted. A paper copy of your order is kept as per standard business practice.
Your credit card is processed. Again, no credit card details are stored in electronic form.
Decorama was established in 1950. As a family owned and a Pty Limited company, Decorama Blinds Pty Ltd is traceable and accountable in the usual ways.
Our ACN / ABN details are: ACN 001 020 239. ABN 85 001 020 239.
Our address is: 290 Peel Street, Tamworth NSW 2340
More technical info ..
"Simply stated, SSL provides a secure connection, often called a tunnel, between your computer's browser and a specific Web server. Data passing between the client and the server is encrypted using a technology called public-key encryption to ensure only the intended recipient can decrypt and read the information.
Each secured Web site has its own unique digital certificate that defines the public and private encryption keys used during secure communications. If you jump from one secure site to another, the original tunnel is closed and a new one is created using a different set of encryption keys.
Today, nearly all Web-based purchases and other monetary transactions use SSL."